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The Asus EEEBook E403 – Packaged Efficiency

Whilst I was out a few nights ago keeping myself busy on my X101CH while sippin on a venti, something dawned on me – I realized that, while on the so-called netbooks of the past, the smaller keyboard size allowed me to reach buttons on the right side much more easily than would’ve been possible on a standard sized one.

It felt somewhat more efficient than having to actually lift up my entire arm to hit one of those keys my right hand normally would’ve been assigned to, the same right hand that, while working on computer aided design, requires itself to be on the mouse 90% of the time.

E403_ (2)

It also was timely as just a few days ago, I found a video on Asus’ Youtube Channel – one of a notebook called the EEEBook E403… a possible revival on the horizon? It is quite likely. The EEE branding was truly one of the most successful lines that put Asus on everyones radar. If the video is any indication, the design language is that of the Zenbooks around one generation ago (round the UX303), not much is revealed from the video apart from its major features such as the brushed metal finish, 1.79cm profile, 1.5kg heft, Type-C USB, Sonicmaster, and 14-hour battery. Here are screencaps from the video:

E403_ (3)

E403_ (4)

E403_ (5)

E403_ (6)

E403_ (7)

E403_ (1)

As the screen size had not been indicated, there is a slim possibility that this might be one under or about 12 inches! Here’s to hoping we find out more, soon, and that they have plans to bring it to shore… I might just get myself one, circumstances permitting.

All images grabbed from Asus YouTube account.

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