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The Mini KitKat Bench – A Limited Run


After an evening of harrowing round of going thru “leading supermarkets”, in the morning we were finally able to find the speaker version – a lone one amongst tape dispensers and doodle versions of the bench.


It requires three triple A batteries (not included) to function and has a singular, not very clicky, on and off toggle to control. A 2-foot wire comes with the box to connect your music player of choice which you can somehow rest comfortably unto the space between the two KitKat fingers forming the seat.


The two tweeters sound like an old transistor radio on all volume levels and it lends some form of nostalgia whilst using the device… Of course the speakers might just require some breaking in but you shouldn’t expect excellent sound quality from this novelty.

For 150Php, the six pack KitKat and the music bench is really more of a functional decoration and should liven up any table top with the additional bonus of making you crave for another one of these “breaks”.

These items almost fly off the shelves as it is now only the Sunday after the announcement last Oct 8 and its already quite scarce.

Here’s to hoping you find one as well! We lucked out at one SM Hypermarket.

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