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Lenovo’s A7000+ A Great Update with an Unusual Appeal

Smartphones in the under ten thousand category keeps on getting serious as the years to by and this Lenovo offering brings a pretty solid combo to compete.


The A7000+ is a refresh in both the hardware and software avenues as far as its predecessor goes. Almost everything has been improved with particular note on one of the camera sensors, something a proportionate number of users in the Philippines are quite interested in, now at 13Mp and 5Mp, this thing packs enough resolution for most casual photographic requirements. This 5.5″ HD phone is backed by a 64-bit octa-core MediaTek processor and 2Gbs of RAM garnering over 40k points in the Antutu benchmarking test indicating plenty of promise when it comes to gaming. Prior battery loop tests suggest a runtime of 6 hours continuous use, really not that bad all things considered.


The package comes with both a screen protector and a silicone case, something Lenovo phones have been known to carry, but this particular model does not come with a headset even though the unit has integrated within it Dolby Atmos technology…


A little bit weird but considering all the power that you’ll be getting, its a good enough trade off (you probably have to many headphones already anyways) IMHO.

When we handled the device, we tested the cameras, OTG capability, playback, vibrance, audio, all beyond satisfactory and feels more than the current price point. You can see Bam here of AdoboTech playing a 1080p OTG stream:


This device is incredibly light as well. The back cover is pliable so one shouldn’t fear any clips coming off when opening the back to access the battery, dual SIMs and the microSD slot…



And while this might raise some issues on durability, the protection afforded by its accompanying case takes care of that.


At 7,990Php (discounted at times!) you won’t go wrong with taking one home, it’s a nice blend of components giving off a premium smartphone experience. You can get one from here!

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