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The Selfie – All Seeing | An Asus Zenfone Story

Without prejudice. Something only the bearer of an unbelievably powerful 13Mp front facing, dual flash assisted, autofocusing camera can claim… It comes in the form of the Asus Zenfone Selfie.


It’s a little bit of an oddball when placed side by side with its family. Towering over all the other models by a few millimeters due to its front camera setup (unmatched during its release) providing users with incredible detail whichever camera is being used on the device. A little bit of thickness can also be felt when handling the Selfie together with its peers which really isnt a negative as it allows for better grip overall.

ZFS_ (5)

With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 at its core, smooth performance can be expected from the device from most mobile game titles with moderate graphics. Games with heavier graphics tend to struggle a bit especially when the phone attempts to display a lot of motion and particles at the same time. 3Gb of RAM are at work here making multitasking that much more manageable. It comes with 32Gb of internal memory which can be expanded further by a microSD card accessible behind the back plate that also hides the two microSIM slots constantly on dual standby. It also has the full HD screen that can be found with the base Zenfone 2 model but this one is a tad more bluish and is now protected by Gorilla Glass 4, one generation sturdier than the former. Turning on the bluelight filter allows the screen to resemble its brothers more at their normal state but that is still a state without the filter for the base Zenfone 2 models.


Sitting at a price point closer to that of the base model, this unit can better be understood as the Zenfone 2 Laser with upgrades on every aspect… Probably only the Laser’s battery is where that one has an advantage – that even though they’re similar in capacity, the Laser is better able to deliver because the screen being powered is not full HD.

The 13Mp f2.0 camera, being the highlight of this device, not only delivers selfie shots with more than enough detail from the resolution, but is also assisted by the Pixelmaster camera software providing capturing enhancements that might be truly viable for those looking to affect facial features immediately whilst taking selfies. It also does this with an extremely wide 88 degree field of vision, better than all the other Zenfone models could capture.


You really would have a hard time finding anything off about this unit as it is incredibly well-balanced in features – hardware and otherwise almost like a flagship that isn’t one. But even then, not having the “2” in its name almost separates it from the Zenfone 2 line branching off into its own, camera-centric series along with the Zoom that has yet to enter mainstream distribution.

ZFS_ (1)

The Zenfone Selfie retails at 11,995Php and should be available in most tech carriers nationwide.

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