About Me

Hello there, my name is Mark. Professionally I am an Architect and that natural inclination towards design and the profession’s constant “necessity” to be on the latest and greatest when it comes to technology has driven me to develop and nurture this online outlet… since 2011 when I was asked how to make a blog and proceeded to make this (imagine that…). It had just recently branched off from its WordPress.com roots into its own domain and Gadgetshelf is as you see it at present.

I suppose you could call me a professional gamer as well having been a part of the 2006 Philippine Ragnarok Online Champion Guild – Hatred… and what with all the posts on here about games yeah?! But not so much nowadays… you’ll still catch me wherever using the handle “Pantas” (which means “wizard” in Filipino).

Please do visit me on my other endeavors which are Architecture (http://focidesign.co), Art (http://markobra.com), Lipsticks x Lenses (http:lipsticksxlenses.com) as well as all the social media links above.

Thank you for taking the time to visit ^^