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The Laser – On Target | An Asus Zenfone Story

Without fail! This is the promise Asus’ Zenfone 2 Laser keeps for its handlers.
Entering the market with specifications that put it in the mid-tier level, potential users might think of it as some sort of slouch; however, it is anything but!


The computing power is a modest 1.21GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 supported by 2Gbs of RAM. It sports a 1280×720 HD IPS LCS screen and a removable 3000mAh battery that, despite what detractors say, is good enough for an entire day of mobile computing.


Its moniker is derived from the advanced, laser-guided, auto focusing camera system assembly that we can see from the back of the device… something other manufacturers reserve for their top-tier batters. This almost-too-hyper active system cuts focusing time and allows for faster shooting response straight from the smartphone draw, best demonstrated thru a side by side with a regular contrast detect AF system. The 13Mp sensor works fantastically with the new AF system producing images whose subjects lie directly within the focused field.

While the strength of the Laser lies mostly on its new AF system, it is not without its own set of little highlights that set it apart from its brethren (the Zenfone 2 family)… to wit:

Both SIMs are data-enabled. Unlike the beefier Zenfone 2 with the Intel chip which has data on only the first SIM slot, the Laser allows the user to choose between both SIM trays which one would supply data to the device.


It has an exhaustively long battery life. This can be attributed to the combination of specifications on the device and their equivalent power draw from the battery. If you’ve ever attempted to run down a battery at under 20% so you can charge it at nearly zip, you’d be scratching your head after a few solid minutes where you’d expect other models to already be running on empty. Not one other item on the Zenfone 2 lineup can stand toe to toe with the Laser in terms of longevity… that’s until the Max comes out… That’s going to be one tough cookie to beat!


There are usually price per feature models when it comes to unique smartphone capabilities but the Laser cares little for this; it’s one of the very few phones in this price range that carries advanced auto focusing technology.

Certainly something will come along to compete with the Laser’s unique setup, probably something from Asus as well, buy why wait when you can have the fastest camera draw in town right now?!


Watch the unboxing for our particular unit featuring Katsy of LXL:

And a short 1-minute introduction to the device and its best feature here:

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