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The CP-40P Laser Meter – An Alternative to the Tape

Ever since I started to use a laser measure a few years back, I found using the traditional tape such a bother. That is why when I had to part with the Bosch instrument from the office, it was like taking a few steps back… recently however, an opportunity from Lazada had allowed me to shop for my very own! Hence we’re looking now at the CP-40P!

Selecting the final tool was quite the deliberation. I had previously only used one Bosch and one Stanley model – the Bosch available yet appears too pricey whilst the Stanley cannot be found among the listings. One other brand had been able to take up my interest because it had been featured on a YouTube review being utilized by another professional. There are plenty listed without brands and that is a bit risky because it is precision that we are talking about here; you wouldnt want to be taking home a device that wont give you the proper measurement now would you.

And so while choosing one from this list of unnamed and unbranded devices I had a very simple criterion – that despite being from an unknown origin it should be able to maintain a level of professional bearing. Only the CP-40P stood out from the crop because of the buttons being finished in matte unlike 95% of those in the listings having a less than desirable, shiny, plastic, and fake looking control set. And so within a little over a week it was delivered, protected by no less than an inch thick of bubble wrap.

Inside was a small box that housed within it a couple of tripleA batteries, a hand strap, a linen pouch, instructions in folded paper, and of course the laser measure. I immediately tested it against a tape of course and I found it to be quite the compelling contender.

There really isnt much difference from the models I have used earlier, this feeling even more capable because somehow now Ive finally been able to read the actual instruction set. There arent any problems measuring straight lengths, it can do the usual area/pythagorean calculations, it can flawlessly shift from metric to english and vice versa, it has the ability to remember up to five measurements that have been recently taken (for when a pieve of paper isnt immediately available), and it can do continuous measurement for when doing calculations on the fly!

The screen is like that being used on calculators and an LED light can be activated should there be difficulty in deciphering the display. It is housed within a combination of plastic and rubber which seem to be capable of withstanding shock (as should all manner of construction equipment should be… but something Im not about to test at the moment haha).

There isnt any spirit level nor is there a thread for mounting but those arent dealbreakers for the price it is at. An advantage is that it is powered by only two triple-A batteries, unlike previous ones I’ve handles that require three. Not only is it much more economical, you can simply purchase a set of two batteries and continue measurements should you run out!

Truth be told, anyone would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with using one of the laser measures that fall under the unbranded/unnamed category – it can do just as much and then some. Grab yours today!

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