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Danbo: The Unwilling Model

I finally was able to snag one for myself from the recently opened Filbar’s at Glorietta 2.

_1070389 It is a model of a manga character from Yotsuba & ! named Danbo which is a play on a Japanese packaging company’s name. Its supposed to be a homework which Ena and Miura told Yotsuba was actually a very powerful, ecological, money driven robot. Here’s the reference frame from the manga taken from

28_15 Cute isn’t it? Danbo was first introduced to me through a passing conversation during a taxi ride with my friend Pam and I’ve been on the lookout for one ever since.


A scale model powered by Revoltech joints and two watch batteries for the light in its eyes, this articulated toy has been made into a staple character in some circles of photography because of its simplicity and expressiveness or lack therof.

What you don’t see in the photos is that the actual toy has some imperfections on it that make it look and behave like how a real cardboard box would. The detail is simply staggering which in turn somehow justifies the price tag.

When I purchased it, I was considering how much I’d get to use Danbo for productive applications… seeing the results of these first few test shots using the 14mm, it’s gonna be a good partnership between us.

_1070392 If you’re gonna look for one, you could also have luck asking for a Danbo Modeling Kit which is more of like how the Gundam models are made… with pieces and assembly. It didn’t even occur to me to ask at Filbar’s because they generally carry printed material so ask around. Got mine for 2295Php… did I get ripped off? Most probably… not! Haha, happy hunting!

Here’s an unboxing I made of it earlier so you can see what you’d be getting as well:


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