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Capdase Soft Jacket Value Set for the Nexus 7

If you’re like me and youve acquired or have been gifted a Nexus 7 this season, you’d be hard pressed to find something to protect it with as most shops, if not almost all of them, carry all manner of coverings for the iPad Mini as if that was the only thing they needed to cater to.

While 7” tablets have been around for quite some time and a number of generic cases can be found, it is still better to find one actually fitted to the dimensions of the device, in this case the Nexus 7. It came in trickles these “compatible” accessories: first were screen guards then there was the flip cover but I was on the lookout for something that didnt have a cumbersome front cover for immediate operation from taking it out… then I came upon this:


The price tag is 1,800Php… it isn’t as high as the anticipated Defender from Otterbox that will come in at nearly 4,000Php but it isnt cheap either… until you see how much value there really is on this Capdase package.


The complete set comprises everything you see above plus a screen protector (clear): there is a foldable display stand, a prokeeper (SlipinBoard), and the soft jacket (Xpose). If you were to buy these individually, you’d probably almost equal the Defender or even surpass it. The nearest Case Logic equivalent to the prokeeper comes in at nearly 4,000 as well and that is just a landscape oriented envelope with no special locking system.


Being a little bit patient for the device protection really paid off bigtime. So to the new Nexus 7 owners out there if you fancy some form of protection for your device, be informed that this set exists and will probably be unchallenged in value anytime in the future.

Sleeves do exist for around 600 and the book cover can be had for around 1,200, the same value set exists for similar 7 inch tablets from other manufacturers bearing different dimensions and access ports.

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