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Techkeeping – Repurpose Complimentary Screen Protectors

Hi everyone! Its the new year and this is just my very first post how lazy is that???


First let me greet everyone a happy happy 2013 and as CES is just around the corner, we’ll soon be barraged by all new technologies which would probably eat up our monies right around summer for the first batch. Naturally, most households do a cleanup just before the new year, it came a bit late for me though hence the timing.

While bringing out the trash which had boxes in it, I remembered that there is a screen protector that came with the Otterbox Impact for my X10 which I didn’t install because I have a matte screen on. Most major case manufacturers put a screenguard along with their cases and more often than not these are not used because of another more preferential surface that appeals to the user. I figured I’d put it on my camera since there wasn’t one on it and so I took it out and proceeded to crafting it.

_1080031 I made a paper guide for the screen first, cut that out and checked to see if that fit before i proceeded to cut the actual screen. All I really needed was a straight edge, a cutter, a guide made with pencil and paper, and plenty of accuracy.

_1080030The X10 is a 4” device so there was a lot of excess to take out, even the handles for opening the bottom and top side were taken out, good thing I wasnt flipping the cutout over else I would’ve opened the wrong side first and the whole thing would be wasted.

I used scotch tape to replace the handles when I installed it. Im keeping the installation card since its quite flexible, highly appealing, effective, and very sturdy, probably one I’ll use time and again as long as I dont lose it.

X10_0216 Above is the completed setup, saved me about hmm maybe a couple hundred pesos. So when taking out boxes who use to house gadgets and accessories, remember to look at them first because there might have been pieces you weren’t using before which you can use for other applications.

Quite happy with my now Otterbox screen protected GF3 LCD. Better late than never I say… both for the protection and the post!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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