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Tested a Flare, looked for a Titan, and took home a Blaze

All the proper nouns above are a part of Cherry Mobiles (CM) flagship lineup of dual core Android phones. When we went out to actually purchase one finally we were offered a Blaze and seeing as it was in-line with the Flare, I figured that it was the updated version of the Titan and took that home. Here it is:


This is what you get with the unit inside the box: a manual, charging cable and the charging adapter, and a headset:


Device dimensions are almost lifted off the Galaxy S3, in fact, we bought a screen protector intended for the S3 and it fit the device like a glove. The back is different however with cues from the Galaxy Note instead so its like a mix between the two.


Unlike the S3, the capacitive buttons beside the home button are etched out and light up under operation. Lets take a tour around the device shall we


On the top of the device theres the power/wake/sleep button and the 3.5mm jack. On the left, the micro USB sync/charge port. The sides are chrome plated all around as well.


On the right is the volume rocker and on the back panel you find the 8MP camera with LED flash as well as the speakers. There isnt anything at the bottom except the slot where you place a fingernail to pry open the back plate. The finish is a smooth lacquered plastic where you can see all the branding and information printed on top.


Here you see the deviced sandwiched between a Galaxy Note (5 inches) and the X10 (4 inches). At 4.7” the Blaze carries with it a dual core 1Ghz ARM v7 processor, 4GBs of internal memory, 512 MBs of RAM, dual SIM slots, micro SD expansion slot and runs on a 4.0.4 version of Android ICS. It really is quite spiffy when accomplishing tasks although the camera focus seems a tad slow.. heres a sample shot from the device at full resolution in low light:

IMG_20121225_131612 Might be that it can perform better in daylight conditions. Going through the video menu seems to glitch out the interface though so you’ll probably not be using that until an update comes out. The only thing a buyer might be adamant about this device is the screen. Its a type of LCD that doesnt cover a lot of viewing angles so you’d feel like you were constantly using a privacy screen. The resolution is also a meager 480×854 which is the same as that on my X10. You can see in this photo that the washout happens quickly:

_1070650 If you can get past the screen nuances however you’re in for quite a treat because of the device hardware. Here’s the Quadrant score: it sits above the Optimus 2X and equates almost perfectly with the original Nexus device from Samsung:

_1070651 I’ve tried games on it and the response is more than satisfactory. Video hardware decoding can handle 720p MP4 videos perfectly; It can play 1080p but nowhere near smooth to be watchable. I haven’t observed it enough to rate the battery but it seems to last a day’s worth and some more with regular tinkering.

This device, with its 6,499Php tag, is definitely worthy of a purchase. It has enough power to outclass any other device by major manufacturers within the same bracket. CM truly outdid themselves with this current lineup and the timing of the release is just perfect for consumers. Hope this helps potential owners with their decision.


With this I leave a very Merry Christmas to everyone, enjoy time with your loved ones as well as exchanging gifts/gadgets this holiday season.

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