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Cherry Mobile Flare – Stocked Up

So while roaming around Walter Mart a few hours ago I chanced upon a Cherry Mobile kiosk and just had to ask whether they had a Flare, which is really quite scarce… lo and behold, stocks have just arrived apparently. Here is the FB advisory from their official product page:


Now I spent quite a bit of time lounging around with one box thinking if I should get it for a gift possibly, and because of the scarcity of the particular unit along with a lengthy list of potential reservations that the salesguy showed me, I told him that I was going to get it and then we proceeded to the customary testing phase.

Because of my experience with the Lenovo A60+, the very first thing I tested for was calibration of the accelerometer/gyro and much to my disappointment it was exhibiting similar symptoms of ‘leaning’ or left bias. One of the onlookers told me that I won’t be able to find one that is perfectly calibrated because it is a known problem and that there is an update to repair it… he knew because that was going to be his fourth purchase if he ever took what he was holding home. Naturally I wanted to verify it for myself first and true enough there was this information on their page:


I just verified this now, at home, without the unit that I was testing earlier. So buyers be informed… this is a glitch easily solved by a service center update… thing is you have to go to a service center to have it done. Another thing to note is that they have this mandatory purchase of a colored backplate which ups the cost to 4,299Php.

Might be you’ll find me lining up tomorrow for one… do expect to wait a bit, this is after all, the cheapest dual core, dual sim, dual camera (5mp w/flash + VGA), 4″ capacitive screen Android ICS handset available. Kudos to Cherry Mobile for bringing technology closer to the people.

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