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The Xperia Z Ultra–An Introduction

You’ve seen it in my Instagram, and you’ve most probably seen it in stores as well – sporting a massive and currently unmatched screen size at 6.4” without being classified as a tablet.


This is Sony’s entertainment flagship bringing to the table Triluminos technology which translates to colors beyond what conventional displays offer… and it shows, I tested it against my Nexus (which I thought already had superior display) and the Z Ultra just made it look washed out, that’s how good the display is… and if that wasn’t enough, the X-Reality engine performs such magic on any and all resolutions so that it would look its best to the viewer.


Above you can see it (Triluminos technology) in action displaying a 1080p Taylor Swift video. When you examine the frozen frame the Z Ultra makes the Nexus 7 appear extremely washed out in comparison. There simply seems to be much more color overall. You can see it in the skin and even in the eyes and it makes you question just how correct the colors you’ve been looking at before are… which is a real bummer especially when you think that the former is already pretty fine – the Z Ultra proves you wrong!

The device is unbelievable – extremely thin at 6.5mm, matching the current best processor on the market the Snapdragon 800 – quad core clocked in at 2.2GHz with 2 gigs of RAM, 16Gigs onboard with an expansion slot supporting up to 64GBs, with an IP58 waterproof rating which allows it to be submerged up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, it has all the makings of a true media consumption powerhouse. Let’s take a tour around the device below:


There is an issue with the size of the device of course being the largest in the market under 7” which is known tablet territory.


Top to bottom that’s my 4” Xperia M, my partner’s 6.4” Xperia Z Ultra, and then again my Nexus 7 and still it is the thinnest of the lot… of course if it were the 2013 Nexus there it might be another story.

The just announced Nexus 5 sports a similar set of internals (same as the Z1) but the unique size and appearance of the high definition screen as well as how the UI looks on it makes the Z Ultra stand out. It is quite a handful, no doubt about that, but to view images, text, and videos on a screen that is just about 7” with a 1080p resolution does seem to provide the content better justice.

Getting the Z Ultra is truly a matter of choice, I would say that it is a good one especially for  people who really consume and display content as part of their lifestyle. If you’re into the same, I’d say go for it and put hesitation to rest. If you have one already, please do share experiences with it.

This particular model is the purple LTE version and cost 39,990Php upon purchase.

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