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WD MyPassport Slim – Perfect for the New Year


It had been a long whirlwind of days during the holiday season but before the year ended, friends from TBE provided me with a loan on their newest backup solution and here we have an initial view of the My Passport Slim.

Following the revamped design of the packaging of their more recent products, this one sports the same windowed box and even has a pouch to keep it in.


How WD keeps miniaturizing their offerings is simply amazing, especially ones with large capacities such as this one. It matches the colors of their studio line which is geared towards Mac users… of course with the new Mac Pro coming in glossy black, the normal WD designs match that one perfectly.



L2R – My Xperia M, the Slim, and an older similarly specced terradrive. Its just a little over half of the original but having these stacked together definitely impacts the space where the data library would be situated.


Above is my current lienup, multiple capacities of course, but only imagining all of it on slims cuts the width significantly. The slim is the second from the left, even thinner than the opened up enclosure right next to it.

I’ve done my fair share of housekeeping of files but there simply is not enough space for everything at once. I’m pretty sure plenty of people share the experience even if they dont need to contend with countless digital photographs and hundreds upon hundreds of film. Needless to say, moving it all into a very thin and ultimately good looking drive with the speed to match the capacity is a housekeeping task completely welcome albeit necessary.

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