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P.S. (Post Support) Galaxy Note N7000 and the CyanogenMod Installer

Its been ages since I last wrote anything, around two weeks… more?! Technology indeed waits for no one… or thing for that matter.

A couple of weeks ago, my brother acquired the latest iteration in the Galaxy Note series (Note 3) to replace his first generation model which I have sequestered from him last night. I figured I’d put newer CFW (custom firmware) into it and what better route to go with than one which has withstood the test of time and all manner of device configurations – the CyanogenMod ROM.


Fairly recently, CM (CyanogenMod) had released an installer companion app in the Play Store which allows the reconfiguration of devices out of their default firmware into the CM10 of any of the supported devices. Equally recently however this app has been taken down from the Play Store in order to sway the public from migrating to CM… it remains possible to do it via sideload of course, something almost all advanced Android users should be fairly familiar with.


Now I am quite familiar with the processes involved in the installation of CFW and I have to say, the developers really made sure that there isn’t a need for the uninitiated to be afraid of testing this out… if only to satisfy curiosity. The image above is already in the part after the device has been recognized – some key components specific to your need are downloaded and prepped for injection into your device.

Prior to that screen, the user will be prompted to toggle some switches on the phone/tablet preparing it to receive a custom recovery which will in turn install the CFW into the device. Below is the stage where all the magic begins:


The installer is not without its problems of course but solutions are immediately found on screen although Im pretty sure it would still spell panic for neophytes.


It isnt until you see the blue alien? on the phone/tablet display that the reformat occurs… until then the phone should be intact… no turning back after the blue alien:


I had to switch cables and ports just be absolutely certain that the transfer doesnt hit any snag which may lead to an unintentional soft brick.

Really all you need to put it into your device is a stable web connection, a computer, and some cables… they have eliminated the need for looking around the forums and cheking out related threads and experience of early adopters.



Now the Note is running 4.3.1 Jellybean with optimized kernel and build… it is indeed ready to rumble once again.

Hit up this link if you want to have a go as well.

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