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Tag Heuer Connected – A Dash Of Luxury


A timepiece is an essential part of an individual’s style, so much so that in this digital age where each phone can readily tell you the time, it is still preferred to get this information with a good old fashioned flick of the wrist. Tag Heuer recognizes the times and with the advent of smartwatches coming about, they, partnering with Google and Intel, set off to develop the very first of its kind – a luxury smartwatch… hence the creation of the Tag Heuer Connected brand and smart watch.


When I first encountered the watch what struck me the most was how big the timeface (which is round in this particular accessory) actually is… and that’s great because it benefits the user in plenty more ways than simply more swiping room to work with. The face is bound by a stationary dial with minute markings that has “Tag Heuer Connected” emblazoned on it. There are over 8 styles of watch straps that you can choose from all with statement colors that can match any outfit set you can think of.


It charges thru its cradle with a physical connection to ensure that it gets juiced up and ready without fail, which can possibly be the case if it were wirelessly charging for use during the day which is, according to Tag and tested with moderate usage, 25 hours (they intentionally put this over the 24 hour mark to ensure its usability.) Naturally, as users have varying usage levels, they’re not saying that this is an absolute.

The launch featured a half-basketball-court in line with Tag’s partnership with the PBA.


There was a challenge to shoot 5 free throws with varying rewards beginning from 3 successful hoops. It was a very nice activity that was spearheaded by PBA mainstays – Asi and Sean.


According to Tag, the “Connected” brand has a dedicated team working for it, exploring the smartwatch side of the very niche accessory industry, which really begs the question – if they’re calling the first watch from the brand “Connected” would they be calling the next one “Connected 2”? Something to think about eh?


As far as pricing goes, the smart watch goes for USD1500 hence locally one could expect it to retail over Php 60k. Also, thru their #ConnectedToEternity program, if you own the Connected smart watch, after a couple of years, for an equivalent USD1500 further, the owner gets a limited edition Carrera watch to keep, very nice right?!?


You can check out if you’d like to learn more about the latest developments in this product segment of Tag Heuer.


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