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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Pumpking Reaper Takedown 20161030

I’ve been without internet connection for about a week because of a trip, and when I finally got to re-open the FFBE app, there was an update with Olderion, the new Trial Boss, and the Pumpking Reaper. Naturally NRG will be required to complete all of them and I chose to start with the Pumpking Reaper…

I initially went into the battle with the team that I used for the ADV Pumpkin Rider AND without Survivor Flasks… big mistake! Thats 20 NRG down the drain – not only are the AoE attacks quite powerful, the full team death counter had guaranteed my loss within the Pumpking Reaper’s first turn.

To battle it, I thought of using the 2 Edgar Chainsaw combination and used up 20 Tickets to try and get another Edgar to come up (having just the one)… sadly, there isn’t anything to show for that attempt leave for my second Exdeath, a Medius, and four Black Cat Lids (remember to not use the banner when trying for a character that is not within the current boosted pool – it’s among my worst draws ever!)…


I read up more on this technique and saw that “Auto Bowgun” can be used instead and figured I can level up Medius to do the combo but soon realized that he couldn’t equip a single elemental weapon… finally I checked out Carrie a 3-Star Max character that can be acquired from friend points… I’ve been keeping one to get that Sunbeam TM out and to my delight, this character can use a sword just like Edgar.

I began testing out how the timings work with this skill with the initial knowledge of triggering first the lengthier animation skill prior to Auto Bowgun… I was sweeping through Maranda Coast with Edgar, Carrie, and Medius in tow with a couple of Kefka’s to determine the best timing strategy… I had also tried it with the Colloseum with not that much luck. If this didn’t work, the alternative was to invite a Lightning with TMs equipped (Excalibur/s) to obliterate the Pumpking Reaper.

I attempted this run with a Kefka friend initially (dual Hyperdrives), but the most I can get the Reaper’s health was towards the red. I replaced Kefka with a “normal” Lightning friend and was finally able to wipe the floor with the Pumpking Reaper.


The following are my findings with this strategy:

  • The full combo doesn’t seem to connect beyond a second multi-hitter I believe I read somewhere that there is a max combo multiplier currently in effect.
  • To pull this off with the party I was using, it was imperative that SPR break be applied within the first turn so that the collective damage will be enough to end the battle.
  • And that the Death Scythe is an amazing weapon which players should really aim to get… I’ve wasted a considerable amount of resources even though I really didn’t need to, but the weapon and skill is incredibly useful.

Here was my party setup:

Cecil / Focus, Flask, Curaja, Saint’s Wall
Vaan / Full Break, Flask (this slot can be replaced with a SPR breaker that has attack… slot Diabolos into this character’s esper and significant damage can be applied to the reaper)
Edgar / Auto Bowgun – Combo 2 equipped with Coral Sword
Carrie / Auto Bowgun – Combo 1 equipped with Coral Sword
Kefka / Hyperdrive – Damage 1
Lightning / Crushing Blow – Damage 2


The clicking sequence once all skills have been set are as follows: D1, D2, C1, C2
With enough luck, Carrie should be alive to activate over three chains to significantly put down the reaper’s HP, I believe my battle had reached turn 7 before the final blow was dealt.


Hope this helps others as an alternate strategy to a TM strapped Lightning friend… I’ll get that Wizard Rod later… (it’s not gonna go away anyway ^^)

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