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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Brachiosaur Takedown 20160924


Brachiosaur came out as one of the more challenging trial bosses to have ever graced FFBE Global – the main reason is its randomly timed use of the ‘Snort’ ability which removes one of your active characters from the battle.

I was a little pressed for time when we battled hence I just used a Lapis continue to finish snuffing out the massive 240,520 HP of this level 65 dragon type.

It has an elemental weakness to Ice and so going in with a team that can successfully chain Blizzard/-a/-ga spells is the most logical technique against it, past the 50% mark however it goes ahead and casts Ultima (which I didn’t know you can actually defend against at the time) which can very well decimate a party with damage racking up to over 3000.


I tried several party configurations against it (a physical party – no dice since I didn’t have enough barrage units nor the Dragon Killer passive, a purely magical party – with two dual casters (above) but that didn’t work as well because of the low HP of the 4* characters) and eventually settled with a half-and-half team utilizing the Blizzaga Chain, with final damage dealt by a Kefka without the Gravity Rod.


Here is my party composition:
Celes (Focus, Blizzaga, and supposedly… Sealing Blade for Ultima… I didn’t know then that party skills count to the “next magic attack” that’s why it hadn’t worked for me)
Tellah (Blizzaga, Cura)
Vaan (Focus, Full Break, Blizzard)
Globez (Blizzaga) and
Kefka (Blizzaga)


In my final run against Brachiosaur, I had managed to get him down to around 40% when he cast Ultima which rekt the team. The revival from Lapis replenished everybody’s MP, returned the snorted out Tellah, and had made all but certain that the Killer Bow would be in my hands… I did have limit bursts just dying to be taken advantage of as well. It’s a shame really, since fighting a trial boss in the Farplane doesn’t cost energy; I had all the right ingredients too – full break, sealing blade, and a couple of turbo ethers would’ve saved me a hundred Lapis XDD


Brachiosaur had snorted out Kefka post revival, that was annoying… here’s the bow that comes after the win:


As far as FFBE Global goes, it’s pretty steady… have not lucked out on a Lightning yet but I’m sure the team can push through… I don’t have any TMRs yet (at least among the very important ones) but a steady grind should net me a couple eventually… might be in for some interesting content when 6* is unlocked on the 30th.

How were you able to dispose of your Brachiosaur? Do share in the comments fellow FFBE adventurers ^^

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