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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Intangir Takedown 20160826

​Along with the Dirnado patch comes Intangir, a new monster that is not on the Farplane but rather in the Dimensional Vortex – Chamber of Fallen. The main difference of this battle is you can actually have a sixth member of your party in the form of a friend, just like normal battles.

Intangir is a very straightforward boss character – cannot be affected by any status change, has a very high HP (230,000 at level 82), and shoots to kill with every turn.

A few key points to consider when battling Intangir:

  • You’ll practically have two free turns at the beginning of the match
  • It will cast the following in succession always – Awaken, Meteor, Doze Off
  • Meteor almost cannot be defended against so boosting stats is the best way to get out of it alive, as well as high HP
  • Dual Cura is essential in this battle so when Meteor hits, your characters will have had full health to be reduced
  • When Intangir is sleeping, its DEF goes up, you’ll notice this from a reduction in the damage that you’ll be dealing

My takedown party this time were the following:

  • Fina (Cura) Lowest HP in my party at 1883
  • Tellah (Cura with the occasional Recall) did not need to use Raise in our battle
  • Vaan (Full Break and Focus) timing Focus is essential as MP is limited and this stat boost gives my characters the chance to live through a Meteor strike
  • Lasswell (Fingersnap and ATK)
  • Rain (Raging Fist) quite the damage as Intagnir showed weakness to it
  • And a borrowed Chizuru (Barrage)

Its quite simple really, live thru Meteor, heal up, and deal damage, that’s it.

If I hadn’t defeated Intangir with this setup, I might’ve tried with a Krile to handle the dual Cura and then another damage dealer with high enough HP and resistance to dying, although I’m not sure if the 4* HP of Krile will live through the damage from Meteor.

Intangir drops the Enhancer sword (6*) which is a pretty powerful sword, almost like one of those Trust Masteries having ATK+82 and MAG+23, its the best in-game sword that does not come from a Trust Mastery for Global at the moment

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