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Cintiq 13HD Announced

Just now the Wacom Americas facebook page has changed their cover photo to reflect their newest iteration of their Cintiq lineup the Cintiq13HD


This is not the smallest size of this family but this is certainly a very promising move coming from their 12 inch version. It is fullHD 1920×1080 LCD with a 2048 level pen pressure input. The design language is pretty much like their Intuos 5 and connects to the PC/Mac via a 3-in-1 cable that looks somewhat like an HDMI. The case has so much nib replacements as well as colored rings for identification.

There are 4 positions on which the tablet can be operated on through prop up stands hidden beneath the base. The post indicates the price to be along 1000USD for a piece which is not that crazy considering the prices that Cintiq commands before. Promotional video from the company isnt indicative of touch so it remains true to the Cintiq standard of using the pen to interact with the screen; there is, however, the presence of the home button which probably corresponds to the start screen for PC or the home screen for the iOS/Android but the compatibility stated was for PC and Mac only so its quite confusing.

The Cintiq apparently maintains itself as a hyper productive external monitor so I’m secretly hoping this wasnt the tablet that they were talking about that they were said to release hopefully sporting its own operating system. An advantage of maintaining a display only system is less heat generation and extended practical utility. The 13.3 inch size would definitely be a welcome addition to my desk if ever I get the chance to own one… I’m quite excited by the announcement; can’t wait for April to come by!

Here’s the promo video:


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