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The Galaxy S4’s key points to consider

If you wanna watch the entire release stream hit up the link above ^ For some reason it doesnt want to be embedded… its 1.5 hours mind you.

The just finished release event features an inevitable upgrade to the very popular and arguably the most recognized flagship among android devices – the Galaxy S4.


The thing with it though is that its hardly recognizable from its predecessor the S3… so what do you get thats different? Heres a quick rundown of its primary advantages over the S3:

  • Updated OS Android 4.2.2
  • Bigger and better screen at 5” Full HD 441ppi
  • Lighter at 130g
  • Faster processor/s Quad to octa core Exynos 5410 with PowerVR SGX544MP GPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 13MP rear, 2MP fullHD front shooter
  • Better battery 2600mah
  • More WiFi options a/b/g/n/ac
  • LTE

Theyve also put in UX enhancements such as the smart scroll through tilt (which is quite old tech btw), smart pause for when youre watching a video it pauses when you look away, and air gesture which moves photos without requiring touch.

Is it enough to sway a move from the S3 to the new flagship? Maybe… but the S3 is no slouch either and if you’re on it, people wouldnt really be able to tell unless they look at the back, or have read text with the fullHD S4 screen. Not groundbreaking updates especially on the cosmetic side which is good as it gives the Galaxy line an identity all its own… a pebblish smooth identity… and if youre into that, might as well get the newer one when it comes out.

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  • Would you do an iPhone5 VS. S4 VS. Xperia Z? Which phone is the best? (more on performance and power than exteriors and softwares) I just want to know hahaha