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Cherry Mobile Click – The Low Budget Precedent


Cherry Mobile (CM) is very well known for its continuous output of budget Android phones and it didnt stop with their most recent and very first Snapdragon powered handset in the form of the Hyper at 4,999. Any avid follower of CM would also be aware that the releases often come in batches and with a particular naming system to define a family/batch of units:

  • Fire based names – Skyfire, Blaze, Flare, Flame…
  • Lightning based names – Burst, Thunder…

with a design language that you can determine on their boxes. Suffice it to say, the Hyper didnt get released on its lonesome: I would like to introduce to Click:


At 2,999 this is currently the cheapest among all their lines and you can tell by the specs listed on the photo above how they were able to bring it to such levels. Internal memory is a measly 512MB far from the internal memories of most of its precursors; It also sports a 3.5” screen which youd think CM has already forsaken due to its continuous release of bigger screens (TitanTV for one). It is a single core, single cam, barebones type of unit especially among todays flagships. It has colors going for it however because the one on display last time I checked had a yellow back plate which is more than likely interchangable.

So if you’re out and about looking for a secondary that needs to be an Android… might be CMs got the solution for you in the form of the Click. Fair warning though that not all CM outlets are stocked equally, you might need to hunt for this one… especially since theyre teasing about a second ‘dragon’ announcement.

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