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The HP x4000 Wireless Laser Mouse – Subtly Sublime


I’ve exclaimed it many times before, but just in case you missed it, I’m very fond of computer mice and when asked to find one to replace a rageddy CD-R King one well I’m all for it.

I found this particular model behind some other Intex mice in a Gigahertz store; And because I haven’t seen an HP accessory quite like it before, I just had to take a closer look… eventually it won over most of the offerings of Genius, A4Tech, and all the other mid tier brands available in the market and I took it with me. It was a one-off which means that the shop doesn’t have another unit like it but they probably have been selling these for quite some time already.


The mouse has a very simplistic design to it: Made up of mostly a silicone-like material for the grip  with a cut out branding, a very nice rubber-esque scroller, and a polished plastic top clicker/cover which opens up to reveal the batteries and a slot for which you could place the dongle for traveling.


A proprietary Link5 dongle (much like the Unifying system Logitech employs) allows the mouse to communicate with the computer (seen on 1st photo), as well as allows 4 more HP accessories to pair using a single USB port. There isn’t a need to install software for it and that simplifies the functionality and grants express usability.

It stands taller than my Logitech V470 (BT Mouse), about as tall as my MX Revolution, and has a contour that is quite unique and feels quite natural when holding it firmly. Another peculiar thing about it is inside the packaging there are about 5 sets of documentation which is a lot for a mouse that doesn’t even require software to run. It has a bold claim of being able to run for 30 months on the pair of batteries it came with and that is quite something if it proves to be true.

It is quite the package and I’d love to see more HP accessories become available locally. This mouse was chosen for its lacquered red shade to compliment existing accessories of my partner… color and fashionability, after all, are rudimentary driving forces for the ladies. I’d probably buy myself one should I come across another, just for the sake of collection.

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