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Hotel rooms and their quirks


So we’re staying in this hotel room at the ground floor and my phone absolutely has no signal within the room except right beside this window (shown above). Im using a rubber band to keep the phone from sliding and moving around when I’m typing on it and I keep it there so that it receives messages which means I cant really lie down in bed and message at the same time; so much for a comforting experience.

Apart from the cellular network (Smart), the wireless is equally as iffy and I’ve just found what seems to be the area with the most stable connection on the left side of my bed; and even there the connection drops and goes back up again intermittently.

I believe that, while wireless stability can only be maintained with special equipment, if a hotel is going to offer free wifi, it should be ensured, at the very least in one area, without intermission. I am also only getting EDGE speeds around the hotel area so I’m really forced to use the intermittent wireless for the internet.

This is the first time I’ve experienced this much network interference within a hotel room… it’s possibly the architecture at fault (the building design/materials/layout). Something for consideration especially since I am a practitioner of the design field.

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