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Globe Switch App – Manage Mobile Data Like A Pro

Globe yesterday (21st July) launched an app specifically for their Prepaid subscribers! Switch is a combined data management and tracking tool which has the added facility of actually activating offers that allow data intensive applications better flexibility and access.

The app interface is cleverly categorized into three tabs: Offers, Usage and Control very easy to navigate around and get the best out of a subscribers mobile data… and it works for other networks too (sans the offers).


The first tab (Offers) houses all the hottest content in the form of apps, it even lets you install the particular app if you don’t have it in your device yet. Probably the best feature of the Globe Switch App is it allows free network usage for around 50 apps so you can actually test them out prior to purchasing data for them (a combined total of 3GBs for all of them we’re told).


Tab two (Usage) displays how much traffic is being utilized by each individual app providing insight as to how much data goes where, and when you find an offending app, you can go over to tab three (Control) and actually stop it from getting access to precious bytes of data.


The introduction of this app is actually very timely with the impending release of Pokemon Go, one of the heaviest data hoggers if there ever was one… It was announced during the launch that Switch users would have an exclusive 7-day free data for the game on release day so make sure you have it on your phone by then. Also, the first 500 thousand subscribers will be given 500MB free for their app of choice! A truly wonderful treat overall from Globe for early adopters.

Head on past the break to learn more about this exciting offering from Globe.

All the hottest apps and mobile internet deals at the flick of a switch with the all-new Globe Switch app
Globe Prepaid/TM customers get to try the best app deals, and track their data usage

The exponential growth of smartphones and mobile data usage has customers constantly searching for premium online deals that will give them the most value for their money – from free app access to mobile data bundles.

With all these in mind, Globe gives customers another reason to enjoy their digital lifestyle with the all-new Globe Switch App! This all in-one-app solution gives Globe Prepaid/TM customers affordable access to the hottest apps and lets them discover the best online deals. In addition to the exclusive mobile offers, Globe Switch sets itself apart with its data management and usage tracking capabilities

Globe Senior Vice President for Consumer Mobile Business, Issa Cabreira said, “Giving our customers an enriched and immersive digital lifestyle entails giving them full control of their access and spending. Globe Switch solves that need by curating a great selection of trending app deals and at the same time giving users a way to understand their usage and freeing them from unwanted charges.”

Globe Switch is designed with three main functions: OFFERS, CONTROL and USAGE. Under Offers are the best app deals that are only exclusive within Globe Switch. These deals are ready for download, ideal for those new to navigating online and using mobile data. Users can freely try and purchase these deals at a more affordable price. Globe Switch is your gateway to more than 3 GB worth of access to over 50 of the most popular apps. Purchases are conveniently charged to ones prepaid load, while some apps are permanently FREE to explore.

With the Control feature, users are given a way to properly regulate which applications consume data charges. Certain apps can be turned on or off, preventing unexpected data consumption from some apps that are rarely used. The Usage feature gives visibility into how much mobile data and WIFI each app is consuming on an hourly, daily and 12-day basis, alongside a data saving mode. Also, upon opening an app that consumes data, Globe Switch will automatically notify the customer on how long they want to use the app and consume data.

From hot deals and trending apps, to data usage, control and tracking, Globe Switch gives customers more confidence to discover and explore amazing deals online! As a special launch treat, starting July 21 and for a limited time only, Globe is giving the first 500,000 Globe Switch users free 5 days access to the app of their choice! Users can avail of the “Special Launch Day Treat” option under the OFFERS tab to choose their free app.

Currently some of the apps available to access on Globe Switch include Skype, Grab, Waze, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush,, Smule, Spotify, Zalora, Lazada, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, among others.

Globe Switch is free and available for download on Google Playstore. To learn more about Globe Prepaid and its latest offers, Globe Switch is also available for TM subscribers.

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