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Anker Product Launch – Power Up Intelligently

There are numerous power banks available in the market right now, making a brand relevant is that much harder with plenty of competitors but the way Anker went about it is really quite ingenious.

With them, is not all about capacity as is with most other available options, Anker made it all about the process and efficiency stepping up the portable power pack game with non-fixed output amperages. That’s right… no matter which port you choose, the PowerCore will give out the most efficient amount contributing to overall battery health and charging rate.

For a better illustration of this concept at work, Anker facilitated a side-by-side real-time charging setup and true enough, the difference between the rate of the two connections is astronomical… like 300%

The Anker product line does not limit itself to portable power, they also have a tethered PowerPort that converts one socket into 6 intelligent USB chargers that won’t care what device gets plugged into it! The Power Port will provide the charging requirement, no configuration required!

Topping it all off, Anker completes the setup with Apple certified, colorful, nylon braided – Lightning cables ensuring flawless power and data transfer whichever device the user connects it to.

Here is a quick rundown of all the products and their corresponding prices:
PowerCore 10400Php2,450
Powercore 15600Php3,450
PowerCore 20100Php4,450
PowerPort 6Php1,950
Nylon Braided Lightning CablePhp1,150

Head on past the break for more information. Anker products are sold in Power Mac Centers all around the Metro.

ANKER Power Core 20100 mAh Battery ChargerANKR_PowerCoreTextANKR_PowerCoreSet

ANKER 60W 6 Port Wall ChargerANKR_PowerPort

ANKER Nylon Braided Lightning Cable 1m - SilverANKR_NylonCable

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