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Viagatorre from Rudy Project and Citibank

Like clockwork I went around the Glorietta mall system and took home this bag… which I didn’t really pay for… just yet.


This is the promotional bag which was and still is being offered by Citibank for new cardholders before, now its some LaCoste bag if I’m not mistaken. It is a side effect of purchasing an accumulated or one time 5000 pesos using the new card. The Rudy Project luggage comes shielded with a thin film of plastic when it is handed to you with reminders to remove prior to first use.



It opens centrally with an aircraft standard combination lock protection. Inside you can find zippers that either open up to another compartment or the reverse side of the hard plastic surface which primarily acts as a buffer.



It comes with four wheels and an extendable trolley handle which all good luggages have, almost a standard nowadays.



Here it is without the film in all its shiny splendor ready for an airline encounter. Do watch out for card promotions but remember to read the terms and conditions always. This bag requires that the card is with you for a minimum of 18 months or else you will be made to pay for the luggage if you terminate the card prematurely. A big thanks to Citi and Rudy Project for this tie up.


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