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Pinoy Blogfest 3.0 by Gadgets Magazine

I just came home from a full day’s worth of discourse within Gadget Magazines annual event called the Pinoy Blogfest. I was invited this time because I attended the last one; It usually consists of events within the afternoon and an invitation only evening program where the event culminates. This year’s theme is “Caught in the Web: Both Sides of the Digital Movement” mainly focusing on piracy and its effects adverse or otherwise.


It was held in Alphaland’s tents at the 6th floor this time, the location was quite spacious and accommodating although getting out of there late in the evening proved to be quite the challenge.

I actually came for the invite only event but I was able to catch some of the end of the afternoon program which was talking about which is an alternative method of funding for the budding artist in everyone.

A performance from Taken By Cars started out the evening program, they, along with Run Manila and Black Summer comprised the entertainment of the evening apart from the usual raffling off of minor prizes every so often.


There was a panel discussion on ‘piracy’ where some pretty interesting material were shared through a lawyer, an artist, and an academic representing the spectrum of affected parties wherever piracy is an issue. Afterwards Coca Cola presented their CSRs and awarded the Good Blog Awards competition announced in the previous Blogfest. Parting words were given by CEO of Gadgets Magazine Ms Maribelle Alba.


There was plenty of prizes put out and I had gotten away with a Cinch Bag at the very least, thanks GM and Reebok! An announcement was made about Coca Colas continuing support and the assurance of a 4th Blogfest next year.

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