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After sales service is a very important thing to consider when purchasing a tech product especially ones that would require you to pay incrementally because of its price being way up in the clouds. Warranty would either be from the store or from the manufacturer of which the latter is more preferable.

The Counters The Lounge

These are what  you will see inside of the HP Service Center at the ground floor of the Accelerando Building along Sen. Gil Puyat (Buendia) in Makati. I feel as if I’m very familiar with the place because I’ve been here nearly ten times (inclusive of those times when I had to pick up completed repair work.. which you could actually have delivered even).

What’s so special about this you might ask? I daresay this is an excellent model for after sales support; Even more so now that my Pavilion has finally returned better than ever.

They have very stringent policies and steps for the claimant to accomplish for protection of both sides as well as daily updates for products under their care. While waiting, if there is a queue, you could also help yourself to some coffee or refreshments over at the vending machines and even get to browse a little bit using some of their notebooks or their WiFi network, if you have your own device on hand.

I could only begin to imagine the diversity of cases that they handle every day from performance sluggishness to outright non working status, everything you can think of literally… HP does delve into a lot of IT products after all; But the people here are very patient and knowledgeable with their products; You only really need to be informed as to what your machine will go through and after signing a sheet of paper with conditions while answering a few questions, you’re good to go.

I’ve had the pleasure of transacting with Yvette, Jack/ie, and most recently Rache/l whom received, assisted, and released my unit/s; Rose who constantly calls/messages with an update as to the status of the machine; and Red who is the head of technical support (I think… not sure what the actual designation is) who was instrumental in the repair process that my dv3 had to undergo. Here he sits at the far left of the long table where your inquiries will be answered and your machines would be received (sporting an Elitebook among the Probook models of the other personnel):

Red A big thank you to everyone for the accommodation and fast processing of my case/s.

Contact details for Metro Manila are as follows:

HP Makati Office

G/F Accelerando Bldg. 395 Sen Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City

+632-888-6100 /

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