A White EOS 100D from Canon–A Definite Stand Out!


It is quite rare to find something like this on shelves, and I certainly just had to take a snap of it as most every other Canon is usually black.

This version of the 100D comes with a 40mm f2.8mm which comes up to about 65mm equivalent with the crop and is not particularly friendly to beginners as it is already a narrow field to work with, that said, there is also an 18-55mm kit which comes in both colors too (though you wont be able to get a black 40mm kit). It leads me to think that the target market for such a set would be long time shooters of the system looking for a smaller alternative that is not the EOS M and this kit, with its f2.8 pancake prime, is definitely worth the consideration, heck even I was considering it earlier.


Quick specs above place it along the lines of the 700D sans the movable screen – 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, 3” fixed capacitive touch screen, 4 FPS continuous, 12800ISO… its packed with plenty of features you’d expect of an entry level DSLR.


I saw it at the Canon store at BGC High Street with possible available stocks at Aura as well. The price is around 38000Php at this time which I think isn’t all that bad especially packaged with a prime within the “standard” range… even more so if you have a full frame (FF) body where you’d get a focal length a bit wider than a 50mm.

Troop over to the place should it pique your interest. Here’s a TVC from Korea for a little more push:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubKmIzmxnjk]

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