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Pacsafe Venturesafe 300 – Leave Worries Behind!

Walking around the streets of the metro can be a daunting task especially to those that are fully aware of their surroundings; for in between dark corners and populous areas, not one is completely devoid of people with fast hands and evil intentions – such is the peace that a specially developed piece of luggage can provide all within a few clicks and locks here and there.


It is within an unprecedented reduction sale that I finally allowed myself to purchase a Pacsafe messenger bag – the Venturesafe 300. Originally I was looking to purchase a vertically oriented messenger style bag for my daily commute, the only candidate back then was an Oakley piece, but the very timely reduction and the particular compatibility with the current contents on my person during that same date made it a clear contender and consequent choice.


With three main zippered compartments flanked by two water bottle/umbrella pouches, this configuration promises quick and easy access from the top for most of the contents housed inside of it.


This particular model has been designed to carry within it a 13-14 inch laptop among accessories and whatnot, a standard size which corresponds to either of my production units – the main compartment takes care of this along with few peripherals like the power block and some cables and all the bigger stuff which the user would tend to carry about – the zippers here are protected by a concealed clip along the side pouch that holds them in place.


Directly behind it, accessible through a zipper much closer to your body and right behind the carrying handle, is a compartment designed mainly for flat and stiff objects (as this will land directly behind the laptop unit and might stress the LCD panel in certain orientations) – as this is most inaccessible from intrusion it is protected by a flap which conceals the entire zipper handle.

PV_09 PV_10

The third compartment is plenty versatile and is situated at the outermost part of the pack. It contains two pockets with velcro flaps, two pen holsters, another zipped internal pocket and a key holder for ease of access – it is protected by the same concealed clip to ward off unwanted hands reaching in.

PV_06 PV_07 PV_08

This area is designed for the smaller pieces of technology evident by the existence of an earphone cable slot for on the go sound trips.

While using it I find something very unique about how you use a messenger differently from a backpack – opening up and rummaging through the contents with ease while it is slung around you, as it is distanced quite handily and at just the right height (which of course you can fine tune with the strap). The ever present top handle also allows the pack to be carried around like a briefcase for times when you can forego the use of one of your hands as well as offering a more professional look whilst doing so.


Below is a typical set of equipment I carry within the bag – (clockwise from the bag) the Pavilion dv3, power block and cable, mouse, portable charger, a Galaxy Note, a Nexus 7, an Xperia M, a set of keys, earphones, wallet, a laser measure, steel tape measure, a Case Logic pouch (which carry more cables, a charger, and an extra batteries even), a pen, several receipts, and my trusty umbrella; While this doesn’t seem like much, I can actually work from anywhere with them.


The pack has been my everyday companion ever since I migrated my backpack contents into it and the versatility is really up there with the very welcome security that the concealed clips and the exomesh body offers.


To date it has been with me through hundreds of commutes and even while we were in Japan it was my carry-on who protected all my lenses as well as the computing devices we brought over. With its robust host of anti-theft features, this truly is a keeper!

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