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Ambi Climate – Breathe New Life Into Your Air Conditioner

If you’ve ever thought – “I wish the AC would keep me cozy and not wake me up shivering” then the Ambi Climate system is the answer that you’ve been looking for. With just Php 7,995 you can make your AC (or two or three as long as they’re in the same room) smart and practically wireless controlled through your mobile phone at any time from anywhere.

The Ambi Climate can sense Humidity, Luminosity, and Temperature and is consistently monitoring

The only practical requirement is that your original remote should have a screen on it… but more on having an actual remote really. How Ambi Climate works is that it can command the AC with its powerful IR blaster up top and uses AI to determine the comfort levels that you actually prefer. It does this with combined inferences from you and the environment to maintain a specific temperature. All the computation is done on the cloud so an internet connection is imperative for it.

The deployment is basically one to one (a single Ambi Climate to a single AC) but the Ambi Climate can control multiple ACs at once as long as it is in range and share the same specifications. If there are multiple users in a room, each can have a profile dedicated to them and they can update it with a registered app of their own. It is quite intuitive.

Ambi Climate is available from the following retail outlets:

SM Appliance: Aura
SM Appliance: Powerplant Mall
SM Appliance: Megamall
Powermac Center: Megamall
Powermac Center: SM Aura
Powermac Center: Greenbelt
Powermac Center: Trinoma
Powermac Center: Festival Mall
Shopee Mall:

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