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Epson And The Other Side of the Support Coin

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Jan 15, 2021 (FRI) – Same day that the post went up. At around 6PM I received an email from a senior manager for customer support from Epson Philippines. They’ve gotten wind of my predicament and had decided to act upon it by replacing the defective L310 with a new and improved L3110 – yes this one has 4 numbers on it and is an AiO with a scanner on board. I was advised that a Melvin would call if I am amenable to the exchange.

Jan 16, 2021 (SAT) – Melvin called in the morning to set up an appointment with me within the upcoming week so they’ll bring the replacement unit over. Monday was agreed upon. Why wait right?

Jan 18, 2021 (MON) – Like clockwork, their product specialist Eric came over with the unit. He “charged” the inks into the ink tank system while I prepared a computer with the necessary drivers to be able to test the new machine and make sure that it won’t experience the same problems that I had faced with the earlier L310s.

The difference between the printer generations is night and day

The printer was charged, put out a test page, and we ran a 20 page document on it as an initial test. It worked as intended, spitting out page after page with relative speed.

Before Eric left the printer with me, he did another diagnostic procedure through a combination of keypresses that put out a sample print with several lines of each of the ink colors – the result was clean which means that the nozzles are in perfect working condition.

After he’d left, I ran 35 more pages on the machine to complete the document set that the 20 initial pages were a part of. No issues whatsoever (as should be expected with a brand new device).

I will hold on to the printer for a couple more days before shipping it out to the family help just to be certain that the printer would run within a prolonged time period which is how printers usually are set up. The one we’re using right now is practically always powered on.

We had to do the configuration outside due to pandemic protocols

I fervently hope that this unit won’t experience any more problems like its predecessors – the L3110 certainly feels like its better than the L310 in all aspects of being an ink tank system printer. Heck even the way that the inks are delivered into the reservoir has seen improvement in that you shouldn’t be able to use a color that is not intended for its chamber… plus you don’t even need to force the ink out of the bottle, it just flows into the system.

In this lens, we can see that the company acts swiftly when coursed through the proper channels. Just like the monitor that got replaced over the turn of the year, the total turnaround time, from when they were made aware of my case, was just 4 days as well.

This post will be updated if something suspiciously untoward happens.

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