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PSA: Do Not Buy EPSON Printers – A Cautionary Tale


TLDR: Bought Epson printer, factory defective, exchanged, same issue, advises to wait for higher management to feedback, its been 41 working days at time of publishing give or take.

I’ve known of the brand and for enterprise I used to think that they are one of the more reliable providers out there but it turns out, they’re probably the worst one.

If they can’t handle a simple commercial issue like the one I am currently experiencing, I don’t know how they would be responding to bigger inquiries but it’s probably more or less the same.

So here’s what happened:

Nov. 26, 2020 (THU) – We purchased an Epson L310 Ink Tank System printer from Dell Megamall (VillMan) It was supposed to be a gift to a home schooling family help but it wasn’t meant to be.

Seeing as we’re in a pandemic and all that, the printer was only properly put to use on the evening of December 3 after having gone through the initialization process which went fine.

This was exactly 7 days from purchase.
The Epson L310 printed out a grand total of 3 pages and the light went out.

Nothing worked. So I expedited its return to the dealer. Note that I am not the one that is using this printer as it is intended specifically for home schooling and is not immediately in my vicinity.

Dec. 5, 2020 (SAT) – I brought it back to Dell Megamall to have it replaced. They did not want to do this citing a certain SOP that applies to printers in particular: due to this being a product that has a consumable component (the ink) and cannot simply be resold or given back to the distributor/supplier.

After half a day practically, they eventually said yes and replaced it with the ONLY other L310 unit they have on stock. We went through the initialization process in the store to make sure that it is working. Printer initialized and loaded the ink, no sheets had been printed yet… who prints in the store right?!?. I brought it to the family help and she brought it home once more.

Before I went out of the shop they told me that they can only do the replacement one time and if there’s a problem I should bring it to the service center. Well nothing should happen right? This is, after all, a brand new L310, SURELY it would be a better machine.

Dec. 11, 2020 (FRI) – SAME THING HAPPENED after just 5 pages! Light went out, nothing is working once again! I can’t believe how pathetic this printer model is! I had the printer shipped back to me the same day as I told the dealer about it and you know what he said? Bring it to a service center.

Now I’m not unreasonable, I was willing to bring it to a service center provided that a replacement be issued – a different model was what I wanted after experiencing such nonsense from 2 identical machines.

As it is pandemic time, I called them first and here’s the gist of what they told me: As the service centers are NOT VillMan per se, they cannot AND WILL NOT issue a replacement unit / replacement order. Well surprise surprise.

I went and contacted the dealer again stating the simple fact that the printer was no good and that they should (once again) replace it. He goes on to once again cite that entire spiel about protocol and process when the simple and irrefutable fact is that we got literally no use from this second brand new and factory defective printer.

Dec 14, 2020 (MON) – At this point in time, seeing the futility in going back to that store as they wouldn’t have another L310 there, I took to their official channels to have this matter escalated and a replacement be issued. I messaged their social media EpsonFB and they gave me a few numbers with which to contact them – their customer care unit (02) 441-9030 I called this number to express what happened and they asked for receipts and the story, I gladly gave it to them, a certain Rod had assisted me at this time.

Dec 18, 2020 (FRI) – No reply yet, followed up on email as the week has already transpired. Radio silence. At this point in time I tracked down their PR group Greenbulb Communications… they told me that they don’t deal with consumer complaints on purchases.

Dec 28, 2020 (MON) – Expressed my disappointment with EpsonFB page… A couple of exchanges ended up with – “Kindly wait for the update directly from them (service team).”

Dec 30, 2020 (WED) – Katsy’s monitor of around 6 months glitched out, this was purchased via Shopee, reported to the store and sent them an image of the issue.

Jan 3, 2021 (SUN) – Monitor replacement arrived via courier. A response turnover grand total of JUST 4 DAYS!

Jan 4, 2021 (MON) – Still no reply from the Epson email. Messaged via email once more AND casually mentioned to their FB page that a monitor purchased online was replaced in practically no time at all… “They’ll update me once they receive a feedback from service team”

Jan 5, 2021 (TUE) – EpsonFB: “Still waiting for feedback, will TRY to expedite your concern”

Jan 6, 2021 (WED) – EpsonFB: “Still waiting for feedback, will TRY to expedite your concern”

Jan 7, 2021 (THU) – Called up Epson Customer Service Unit Landline to follow up once more, a certain Al has now taken on the case. A ray of hope as he told me over a call on my call that I can bring it over to the dealer and call them if there are any issues, this was around 3PM in the afternoon… He emailed me around 5PM to not proceed to the dealer and WAIT FOR FEEDBACK FROM HIGHER MANAGEMENT.

Jan 12, 2021 (TUE) – Emailed Al for an update: “Wait for update of higher management, will update once feedback received”

So here’s the thing Epson Philippines, just how long does “higher management” intend to take to respond? Multiple cycles of modules have already come and gone which could have been printed at the comfort of home but YOU SIMPLY CAN’T BE BOTHERED.

Today is the 7th week from date of purchase, two (2) L310 printers managed a grand total of less than 10 printouts before giving out.
There has not been a printer that I’ve encountered prior that would even attempt to come close to this performance or lack thereof.

That’s 41 working days more or less at this time of publishing… still waiting for higher management to provide their feedback.
What we want is something very simple, a reliable ink tank system printer that the family help would use for her homeschooling children. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK EPSON?

Let this serve as deterrent to you who might be considering getting one from the brand.


Find out what happened here.

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