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#WorkFromCar Effectively with a Baseus 12V Inverter

I distinctly remember that one fateful afternoon, I was in the car with a laptop that, despite my best efforts to keep the battery in shape had just decided that it would run out of power faster than what could be considered productive. At the time, actually up until this time, I’m still pining for an inverter to be a permanent resident within the car interior. What that would allow for us to do is to actually make some work progress “instantly”. I could’ve passed that paper that day, keeping with the deadline but alas, back then it was not meant to be

There had been some instances, I can’t recall now just how much though, when all you need is simply to be able to print something – a contract or document that required just a little tweak, a very minor change, and then the project or agreement would immediately have progressed from that point in time. Just imagine the savings that would provide in terms of transportation, telephone calls, time, always the biggest one is time.

If only I had the inverter at the time…

All of this is a preface to applying some “upgrades” to your vehicle to make it not only your secondary home, but your office as well. Now the idea is not to turn your car into an RV or any such equivalent. The goal of the tools that we would be discussing is to enable you, the car-owner, to make the most out of your time outside of the office by bringing some key elements of the office with you… along with keeping the experience as painless and hassle free as possible.

Our current #WorkFromCar setup is supported by a variety of components that came from Baseus – the first allows for constant monitoring of your mobile device even when you’re currently driving. The magnetic mount from the brand is one of the most reliable pieces of convenience that you could place in your car. It also comes in various flavors, one of which should definitely be compatible with your automobile. There’re vent mounted ones, surface mounted ones, suction mounted, you name it. It is simply the fastest, most convenient method of keeping your mobile phone in view.

Naturally, when you plan on keeping your phone operational during travel, you want it juiced up as constantly as possible – enter the multi charge cable, another one of their products which would theoretically be compatible with any of the mobile phones from the past decade. There’s a couple of variants of these, with differences in length, transfer rate, and connections just make sure you select which one you really need. I made the mistake of getting the short version which is awfully useful when you’re keeping your powerbank close to the mobile phone but no longer if you need it at a distance. Of course this assumes that you are already using a very trusty USB-A power converter… Baseus also has those.

When we have our toddler with us, keeping him entertained is key to relative peace while traveling. This attachment acts as a practical replacement to monitors that are mounted to the back of the chairs and it extends out too! You have full articulation right here. You do need something to attach to this and anything under 8″ should be fully supported so you have a pretty broad selection of devices to choose from. A pro tip would be to load this particular device with content that would not require the internet. You save bandwidth and yourself some headache when the connection suddenly decides to fizzle out and you suddenly have a situation on your hands.

Next up would be the inverter and while this only operates on 110V, I do believe much of what we would need it for should be autovolt and supported. Any modern computing device should be operating without a hitch on this voltage: Laptop chargers, printers, scanners even, all of it would be fair game.

There’s still a lot of conveniences from Baseus that are just waiting to make themselves into the inside of the car. Any updates the the #WorkFromCar series would be tagged and compiled here so make sure to keep watching this space.

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