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Ikea X Asus ROG – All You Need to Know

Because furniture is so close to my heart, I feel compelled to create the definitive one stop guide to all things Ikea Gaming with their Asus ROG collaboration. Latest as of Feb 2 2021. The highly anticipated Ikea and ROG partnership came along shortly after another, arguably less involved, collaboration between a gaming and furniture brand had launched their own take. The prime difference is the sheer number of products, apart from the price of course – we are talking about Ikea after all and they have a reputation to maintain.

While there is a page dedicated to the collaboration campaign between Asus ROG and Ikea, there appears to be more items that form part of the gaming family of products that is being put out… here are their key names and what I believe they stand for:

MATCHSPEL – this is the gaming chair within the collaboration

LANESPELARE – this pertains to any and all accessories that are designated as gaming

UPPSPEL – these pertain to product that perform mounting and storage functions, it includes the sit/stand gaming desk

UTESPELARE – this appears to not be directly part of the collaboration but involves simpler, more standard (non-motorized) gaming desks and chairs

FREDDE – this pertains specifically to a desk that boasts the most storage out of all their “gaming” offerings with numerous mounts left, rght, and center

These are the prices indicated and directly converted to Php. Naturally there would be an adjustment when it lands but this should serve as a good reference.

Watch the collaboration promo video in the collab page here.

Did that remind you of something?

Here’s the full transcript and each of the identified products (and brands) during the promo video:

You may have heard of us. (Ikea)
We’ve been designing furniture for ages… but we’re still beginners
When we realized how much we don’t know about all you gamers out there,
we partnered up with the best (ROG) to get to know you better.

All you winner winners,
all you aspiring victors,
and all you who craft worlds and wonders out of blocks.

We did what we know best, (Uppspel Drawer)
and together with Asus Republic of Gamers (Matchspel Gaming Chair)
we created furniture and accessories (Lanespelare Mug and Mug Holder) made for high performance gaming.

Like this desk (Uppspel Gaming Desk) that lets you hide everything you hate to see and see everything you love.

Or this chair with lockable tilt function for stability and control.

Things that make you comfortable (Lanespelare Multi-functional Cushion/Blanket)
and things that make you look good. (Lanespelare Ring Light with Phone Holder)

This is the start of something new – (Uppspel Pegboard Combination)
Furniture that puts gaming first.

I wouldn’t mind owning an Uppspel frame myself.

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