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All Logitech Mice Under Php 1000

So you’re keeping yourself busy working on stuff at your computer when all of a sudden your mouse suddenly acts up. It can be any number of issues that begin to bother your otherwise smooth workflow like missed clicks, drifting, double-clicking, it might seem trivial but these small inconsistencies build up on one another and take valuable time from you. Well don’t fret – Logitech, the world leader in computer accessories, has an online portal over at Shopee from which we can get a replacement for that very valuable piece of input hardware.

There’s plenty of mice on it but today well just focus on those that you can have without spending over Php 1000. You’ll find that even under a budget, they have a healthy set of options to choose from.

Logitech M90 – wired, full-sized, ambidextrous design Php 160
Logitech B100 – Php 245
Logitech M100r – Php 325

Logitech M170/M171 – wireless, nano-receiver, portable, ambidextrous design Php 545 / Php 595

Logitech M191 – wireless, full-sized, ambidextrous curve, 18-month battery Php 550

Logitech M185 – wireless, mini-receiver, compact, ambidextrous curve, 12-month battery life Php 655

Logitech M187 – wireless, ultra-portable, 1 AAA Battery, different colors Php 735

Logitech M330 – wireless, silent, right-handed Php 759

Logitech M221 – wireless, silent version of the M185, different colors, ambidextrous curve Php 815

Logitech G300s – wired, 2500DPI, gaming, RGB, lightweight programmable, ambidextrous design Php 820

Logitech G102 Lightsync – wired, gaming, RGB, ambidextrous design Php 899

Logitech M331 Silent Plus – wireless, silent, different colors, right handed Php 995

and when Logitech is feeling generous, you can also find this one:

Logitech M585 – wireless, multi-device, Bluetooth or USB at around Php 949 (generally under a grand)

Throughout my years of computing I have owned and used around 70% of the mice in this roster, the reliability is simply something that you come to expect with products from the brand. One in particular that I have not yet tried (but am keeping my eye on) is the M191. It’s that wireless, full-sized offering with the ambidextrous curve style.

While it isn’t as portable as the others,

It’s well built, consistently connected as it uses a receiver, operates on a single battery for 1.5 years, and contours to your fingers.

With such a wide selection, you can definitely consider making computer mice from Logitech one of the possible gifts you can give out for the upcoming Christmas season. Shopee’s Christmas In Our Carts campaign brings with it a lot more and making it a habit this early on can definitely take the stress out of the holiday shopping craze that is coming right around the corner. Oh and did I forget to mention there’s up to 90% off of your favorite brands during the campaign period? Learn more about it here.

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