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Globe’s Epic Reconnection Response – Fiber Optic Troubleshooting Process


At around a quarter to 4PM yesterday (a Friday), our connection went from normal to nothing. Red light on the LOS was visible on the modem. The issue was reported on their Twitter (@talk2globe) as well as on the hotline (02-7730-1000) using a Globe mobile. We got a service confirmation on the hotline for the following day any time from 9AM to 6PM.

The next day (a Saturday), we got a call right before lunchtime letting us know that the service crew would proceed to us after the job order they’re processing at the time. We prepared the path going to the router since we’re going to have to let the technician inside and waited for the repair work to commence. Here’s what transpired:

1407H Repair process start.

Tech checks first if data is coming in through the fiber optic cable via an Optical Power Meter (OPM). No signal is confirmed. A high powered laser light called a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is connected to this (modem) end of the fiber optic connection.

1415H Tech proceeds to the “cabinet” to verify if the connection is intact by checking the light intensity that comes out the cabinet end. There’s variable duration for this which is dependent on the distance of the cabinet from the service location.

1422H Tech returned and verified that no light is going to cabinet… this means that there is a problem in the connection somewhere.

1424H Tech checked the entryway line to residence line transmission box situated on the exterior of the house. Light from the inside is visible here.

1428H Tech returning to cabinet as line in is suspected to have the issue… VFL is repositioned to this transmission box as integrity of line inside the house is already verified to be intact and without issue. Service line to be replaced if light is not transmitted.

There’s lots of tools in his small bag used to trim and create a new connection with the fiber optic cable. Remember that this is basically glass so its really sensitive which necessitate the need for these cutters and trimmers.

1450H Tech returns for the last time. He checked data signal streaming in to the entryway after repairing connections along the electric pole which had apparently been affected by other installers that hit our line and severed the connection.

According to him, the signal coming through should register less than 25dBm in the OPM otherwise it means the data won’t stream in cleanly

1457H Connection restored and verified.

The entire process was completed in under an hour. This particular team from VISATECH headed by DMTS Rowel Lumukso seemed really efficient and he was really observant of safety protocols. It was a commendable effort from Globe and its coordination and execution teams – It took less than 24 hours and our internet had been restored to proper working condition!

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