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Imaging Themed Week at the Gadgetshelf HQ

The past few days has been all about imaging for me. Last week saw the return of my beloved OM-D once thought to be just another display piece never to be used again because of a stuck shutter but, here it is once more, infused a little bit of money to have it back in working condition.

Shot using the Logitech C930e via Logitech Capture

It felt nostalgic to be shooting with it again and the images coming off of it are nothing short of priceless. Here is a sampling of that once more:

In the spirit of the imaging theme, the pictures within this post would all be shot using the different devices that I’ll be utilizing moving forward which you’ll see identified in the caption

Just this Monday, my long awaited Logitech C930e has finally been delivered and this updated my recording setup – specifically my top-down camera option (previously made using my mobile phone). I chose this model specifically because of the 90° FOV so that I wouldn’t need to put it very high up just to get the framing that I want.

Shot with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 I

With the Logitech webcam you also get access to the Logi Tune and the Logitech Capture software to better handle and control the camera.


The entire capture setup had never looked so compact!

Shot with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Shot with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

I’ve tested out the top-down configuration through both Logitech Capture and OBS and while the Logitech Capture is quite intuitive and convenient, I found out that the file that it outputs is still bigger and its less stable than OBS. Logitech Capture seems to require that much more from the processing/GPU that there are occasional tears that are evident in the recording. Not quite sure yet what it is pertaining to, but I will continue to investigate.

This is a sample output of that setup above:

Watch this space for even more of these powered by the C930e ^^

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