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Sony SRS-D25 Active Speaker System

We have a long history this device and I, looking at each other through display glass and store demos but there had to be an ending and now it resides in my desk or side table or whereever.


This 2.1 stereo speaker system by Sony stands out from the rest due to its peculiar shape and striking color scheme (one that matches their Vaio product line.) Rated at a total of 25W you cant really say that its all that powerful but hearing it for the first time was enough to complete the sale. It is comprised of 2 satellite speakers and a main body which houses the bass reflex and subwoofer, along with all the inputs and controls. They are all tethered to each other which for me is a negative since you cant move them separately; but as far as complaints are concerned, thats about it.


Here you see it rocking out the beats from my PSP. The bass often feels like its overpowering the high and mid tones but that is actually not the case which you would hear more evidently if you tried covering any or both of the satellite speakers; I’d say there’s a particular balance that the set achieves which allows it to fill out a room with sound pretty nicely.


Heres a detail of one of the satellite speakers. Its upturned orientation might seem off but it may have something to do with maximizing the projection of the sound. I got it for a pretty good deal at 2,000 flat; the owner even threw in a converter for free since the end of the power cable is three pronged, like the one on an air conditioning unit. Ive been to two Sony Centers and I didnt see one in any of them, this unit may have been phased/pulled out from the Philippine market already but when it was here, a set would cost typically more than 3,000. If you do find one, or is looking to purchase a unit, I have nothing but good things to say about how the speakers sound. I highly recommend it.

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