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Pioneer CL22 TJ-1

If you’ve been around some Astroplus outlets these past few days you might’ve noticed that they have a 50% off on some of their ‘non-moving’ Pioneer earphones, this one in particular.


After the discount this retails at less than a thousand and for a pair of Pioneer earphones this is looking out to be a pretty good deal. I’ve been to two Astroplus branches who still carry it and been really itching to get my hands on these but since I do have earphones (two or three, not really an audiophile here) I’m triple thinking it still.

Specifications are there even though the packaging is in Japanese:

Connector – 3.5 mm 3P mini-plug
Colour – Silver
Driver Units – 10mm
Impedance – 16Ω
Maximum Input Power – 100 mW
Sensitivity – 102 db
Accessories – Earphone Tips (S/M/L)
Frequency Response – 7 Hz to 23,000 Hz
Package Weight – 0.5kg approx

There is also another one with a neckstrap which cost 500 more originally with really no difference in the drivers and style. If you’re looking for some quality phones then you can give this one a look. Do rush to get them because this sale might not last as the holiday season has already passed. Other promotions in these shops include Audio-Technica pieces with a cash discount or a 50% discount on a second pair. A great supplement to the soundtrack of the daily grind.


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