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Tech Irony: The First Work Day of the New Year

So I get to work and face my computer and find out that my browsers were acting all funny. Not just one of them mind you, all of them!
Naturally I went on troubleshooting them first but to no avail and so what did I resort to? A System Restore into last year’s system checkpoint.


For those using Windows who are unfamiliar with the said tool, better get to know it for cases such as this one. It basically rewrites the registry into a working model from one of its checkpoints where you remember that your computer was working fine. It also shows you when things are installed and you can restore just to before you put something in your system that might have messed it up.

Its a very useful utility that often prevents you from requiring a reformat which more often than not, is the solution youd be given by a technician. If youre using XP you can find it under start menu > accessories > system tools > system restore; if youre using Vista or Seven you shouldnt have a hard time looking for it, just type in system restore in the start menu search field.

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