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K-Dramas – A Suspension of Reality

It could be observed that I’ve not been writing as much these past few weeks and that is primarily due to my K-Drama marathon of Love Rain and Fashion King.

These two Korean offerings ran for 20 hours each for the complete show but while their airtime is similar, their pacing and timeline are totally different. These dramas feature a member from Girls Generation each: Yoona for Love Rain and Yuri for Fashion King; Both are very recent and only finished airing last month.


^ Love Rain begins the story with a young painter and a timid girl whose love was curtailed by circumstance and then moves on to the love of their children: a photographer and a gardener/horticulturist who met and fell in love just the same. This particular dramas pacing is very slow but that in itself leads to the entire ‘feel’ generated by the tension of silence and anticipation.


^ Fashion King tackles small to large scale fashion upstarts with lives of designers and executives where a young entrepreneurial genius and a very talented young designer struggle with the larger corporate landscape. But do they end up together? I guess you can read about that online elsewhere and find out that they don’t. There are plenty of high and low points in this drama as much as there is character inflections that the viewer cant help but feel that the ending is somewhat rushed.

That is a combined minimum of 40 hours runtime, replays notwithstanding; and while I’m partly glad that I got that over with, there is this feeling of unresolved eventualities that leads to questioning the writers true intentions especially with Fashion King. While there are plenty more K-Dramas out there, these two stood out because of the casting of Girl’s Generation (SNSD) members for me. Particular interest lies as well in looking at the formulas the production team used to come out with such material and in comparison to how dramas from the Philippines are crafted.

That said, if interested, prepare to lose said 40 hours and about 30 odd GBs of drive space for the two.

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