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Hidalgo Street – Where Shutterbugs Troop

Yesterday I went to PRC to get my renewed professional license. When I was done with that I briefly considered going to the famed Hidalgo and soon enough I was walking on the other side of Espanya waiting for one of the jeepneys that will bring me to the church.

Now I’ve never been here before but I’ve looked at some maps prior so I have a rough idea where it is. I went down the jeep in front of Raon, another popular destination for electronic products, and then proceeded to walk the rest of the way. And so with a little asking around I finally got to the street section and boy was it a treat!


Almost everything you can think of related to photography and lighting may be had from this area and at prices well below the mall value especially when transacting with cash. I went here to complete my booth set up which is another thing keeping me busy these past few weeks and with that about 90% complete, I’m more confident with marketing it as a service ready for deployment.

As a bonus I got to find a store which had micro 4/3 lenses and found a sweet 45-200mm for my GF3… I hadn’t purchased it just yet but at the very least, I know where I’m going to get it this time. What I did end up buying is a 10′ x 10′ backdrop stand which set me back almost 4k… I’ll make sure that investment is returned eventually.

HIdalgo St of Quiapo, like Gilmore of San Juan, is one of those shopping districts targeted towards a specific market and if you’re a customer with such a requirement, there’s no better alternative when in Manila. The place is very near the LRT Yellow line Carriedo station and in front to the left of the Quiapo church. If you’re going here though, it wont hurt to be on your guard especially with your belongings and people who talk to you as this area is somewhat notorious for some unscrupulous acts. Of course that shouldn’t be a deterrent, a good deal with a little bit of risk is very welcome wouldn’t you agree?

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