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Samsung 40″ Series 5 Smart LED TV

My brother recently went on an exodus to Singapore in celebration of his birthday. While there he chanced upon an IT roadshow where he bought a 40" LED TV which is now setup as part of our bedroom, soon to be mounted on the wall for space utility.

P1020580This particular TV is pretty simple in itself: a thin black bezel all around, minimal solid edges, ports for AV, Component, USB, TV and 2 HDMI and that’s about it really. It has a little bit of overscaling which means if you plug in an HDMI source, the 1920×1080 resolution exceeds the edges of the screen so you might need to reduce it to around 70% to get the whole frame into the visible screen.


The remote is just the right size, not long with plenty of unused space, and the on screen UI is very simple to navigate with menus even having an explanation at the right side letting you know what you’re going to find under a particular submenu.



Viewing angles are superb, the colors don’t turn into white when you try and look at it from the side. The volume isn’t too shabby either, as it is able to fill out the room at about 70 on its volume control. Its native reported frequency rate is 75 Hz according to the computer however one of the TV’s features is called the 100Hz Clear Motion Rate, which means videos play really smoothly with that very fast refresh. We’ve tried it with the X101CH and it was really a joy to behold, I ended up watching two Batman movies, Transformers 3 and even an anime called Summer Wars and even then I know it can display things even faster.

Now is it better than the LG Plasma? Might be Ill do a comparison sometime soon, although preliminarily I’m inclined to the deeper blacks of the LG, it really wont be a good comparison because Plasma and LED technologies differ. The Smart LED TV had been acquired for 700 SGD which roughly translates to 23,300 PHP, you probably wont get the same price here as it was a part of the Great Singapore Sale and a roadshow at that.

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