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IT Destination: Lao Yat Plaza, KL, Malaysia



At least 6 floors of IT products can be found in this one of a kind mall in Kuala Lumpur.
We were tipped about this place initially by our tour guide saying that this place was not 15 minutes walking distance from the hotel we were staying at which was Parkroyal. It wasnt until the third day of our stay there that we were able to go out to look for it.

The first area that we surveyed turned out to be something else, it was called Imbi Plaza and is the one directly visible from the road; We had thought that was the one when it was pointed out to us while on the road back to the hotel the night before. This one was also an electronics depot albeit of older technology and was more like a trading post rather than a retail shop, available items were of a second hand nature, spare parts from assembled PCs among a few superstores akin to our very own Silicon Valley or Octagon. It was after about forty minutes of roaming around that we were told that Lao Yat Plaza was the other white building behind Imbi.

And so finally with less than an hour before lunchtime, we were able to set foot in this IT wonderland. The amount of IT products inside this place borders on absurdity; there were laptops, cellphones, cameras, accessories, and just about anything you could think of. The selection is of course dependent also on local releases, and they had some pieces which are not yet available here like the Lenovo and Toshiba tablets, the Motorola Atrix, a dock for the Aspire One, among others.

Conducting a canvas of shop prices is definitely required when shopping inside, youd never know when you might turn into a corner and find out that the price that theyre offering there is several ringgits lower than the one you had already purchased. The general price difference I observed is only visible in high end laptops; There can be as much as 10-20k difference when you purchase it there compared to retail prices in Philippine shops. One of our companions was able to score a Canon camcorder for 50% off the price due to an inventory sale.

Clearly one of the must-visit shopping sites for tech enthusiasts should you visit the country.

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