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Juice.ph’s WTJ Awarding / Screening


First off, congratulations to the winners, Ryan, Kristy, Therese, and Arianne. They each went home with an iPad2 and an oversized check for 10k. This awarding is the second blogging related activity that I’ve attended through Gadgetshelf; and while I really wanted to go home with the prize, the event made me realize how young my blog really is.

Juice, a subsidiary of DPC and EYP, is quite the host. All the attendees were treated to popcorn and drinks for the awarding, movie, and after (that’s how much snack that was made available to the participants, which, if complete, wouldve been over 300 easy); we were also given goodie bags with a tshirt and a cap plus the latest issue of the Juice.ph publication, which is in the form of a ‘pamphlet’.

The awarding itself was preceded by a screening of a miniseries produced by Juice themselves, one named “Boys Juicy Day Out” featuring the BNO mainstays of Magic 89.9: SamYG, TonyTony and SlickRick, and the other named “Juicy Date Ideas” with Saab Magalona and then boyfriend Julius. What transpired afterwards was a short miniraffle for tickets to a play called William which ave five individuals, two tickets each for this saturday, and of course the awarding of the four grand prize winners. The movie that they screened to us ‘Bad Teacher’ was something that I had already watched, but it was fun to share the comedy with all the people in the theater and to hear some of the comments being issued while it was showing. The activity was held at Cinema 2 of the Rockwell Power Plant Mall.

All in all a fun experience that I wouldnt mind repeating again. Many thanks to Juice, EYP, and their accommodating staff.

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