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Promate 240 – A Power Station for Everybody’s Home

A vignette of sorts was waiting for the launch participants at the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas for the event.


It began with flair as several dancers all clad in red, the signature color of the brand, hit the floor to prime the viewers.


The president, Mr. David Nouvelot, stated it best – they wanted a product that was silent, required no fuss to operate, and would deliver to the consumer that very important reprieve during times of power outage… the Promate 240 had been the solution!


A self contained 24Ah power station that features:
3 x 2.1A USB Charging Ports,
2 x 220v AC sockets,
1 x 12v DC connection,
an onboard indicator for a variety of readings,
an LED lamp on the side flap,
and a containment cabinet at the top where the jumper cables and the car charger are kept,
with the whole package coming in at a measly 13 kilos!


This power station can be charged a variety of ways too: thru the regular AC outlets you have at home (1), using the cigarette lighter in cars (2), with a solar panel (3, this does not come with the unit mind you), and utilizing a direct connection to another 12v battery (4)


With a maximum output power of 400w multiple small appliances can be served that essential supply of energy during times of emergency, not to mention the USB ports for several phones to be recharged and made active.
600 recharge cycles have been stated for the replacable lead battery inside the unit that should serve a household around two years should there be power outages everyday before it starts to show decline.


Retail units should be in stores within two weeks and at a solid price of 9,999Php, it truly has been made with consumer accessibility in mind. Units are expected to fly off shelves so if ever you find one in stores, definitely think about taking it home with you.

Here’s to another successful launch by Think Big Events, this time with Powertech Asia Pacific Incorporated.



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  • How much is the lead battery (replacement )? Do it yourself replacement or does it need a service technician?

    • The battery was said to ba able to withstand around 600 cycles if I’m remembering correctly, that’s two years worth of power outages if you had them everyday. You need to bring it to them for it to get serviced I reckon