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Due to the recent loss of my Nexus 7, I’ve reunited myself with the Transformer TF101 and as it so happens, there is still some surprising development being afforded to 10-inch tablets as far as apps go – as an example, the Facebook interface, on its most recent iteration, appears similarly to an older desktop layout with two columns: one of which (smaller column, right) shows specifically birthdays and events while the other (larger column, left) displays the timeline that you’d normally see. It has been a long time wish of tablet users to have this better utility of the screen and it seems that the request had finally been realized //Edit: I just checked the app to do some screenshots but it has reverted to the old nonsensical full screen spread on both landscape and portrait views… might’ve been a glitch or something but I plan to recreate the conditions for it. Most of the non-native apps behave this way so I’m thinking that Android Lollipop / Material Design guidelines had something to do with the development and its a very welcome one at that.

That aside, here you see my partner’s iPad Mini 2 equipped with a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio alongside the full configuration of the TF101. This is the first among many generations of Asus tablets that comes with a battery housed in the keyboard attachment and it is still, to this date, a compelling enough reason for me to bring this out, especially for when extended hours off an outlet is expected. We bust out this combination for quick trips outside when we simply want just the right amount of productivity. The TF101 is advantageous for me as it has plenty of ports that could serve multiple connected drives, cards, keys, and whatnot.

Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for the iPad Mini, coming in even smaller than the one connected to the Transformer, is incredibly responsive and runs relentlessly on its internal batteries (we’ve yet to recharge this ever since we took it out of the box and that has been more than a year ago!). Even with my not so skinny fingers, I am able to compose properly without too much misses leave for the smallish return button which I personally cant seem to get accustomed to.

With these configurations, we’d probably be able to accomplish as much as what could be done with the current generation Core M machines… using the proper apps of course, with some difference when it comes to multitasking methodologies. The ability to hash out words while utilizing the full screen of the device provides better avenues for reviewing the material, going back and making edits, and an overall enhanced efficiency. Currently detached from our regular work areas with multiple displays, mice, and full size keyboards, you can spot us hashing it out on these very capable technological companions.

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