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Logitech G at the ESL One – Official Gaming Gear


The recently concluded invitational ESL One for Defense of the Ancients 2 where Team Liquid bagged the top prize played host to thousands of gamers and enthusiasts – this is where Logitech G launched four very compelling offerings that they made even more enticing by taking 20% off of the retail price at particular hours during the event!


There were two keyboards (the Orion Brown and Spectrum G610 and G810) , a mouse (the Proteus Spectrum G502), and a gaming headset (the Artemis Spectrum G633). Where spectrum is appended to their peripherals named after constellations, we see programmable RGB lighting bringing a particular level of flair to the user.


As is experienced by many gamers alike, being “one with your weapon” is very important in e-sports, so much so that professionals often carry with them a controller or set of controllers that they’re used to and are certain will not fail them. Logitech answers this with two keyboards with the immensely popular “Cherry Brown” keys and one with their very own “Romer-G” switch technology.


There is a difference between the two and though regular keyboard users might not think of it as much, pro gamers would most definitely feel the nuances and gravitate towards a single one. Both the G610 and G810 has a multimedia wheel to control system volume at anytime, something so convenient you wont ever need to go to the taskbar to control it from there.The Orion Spectrum G810 retails for Php9,150.


The Proteus is “tunable” that means users can tweak the overall feel of the mouse by inserting weights at the bottom part which is magnetically fastened near the thumb rest.


It’s one of the easier methods of adding weight to a mouse but when I tried it, I didn’t feel the change so much (probably because I am used to heavier mice also from Logitech. This mouse also has a number of programmable G keys and a manual switch, near the mouse wheel, to activate click to click and hyper fast scrolling (one where you wont feel any resistance when using the wheel). The Proteus Spectrum G502 retails for Php3,990.


The Artemis has two inputs, which can work in tandem with each other or alone – these are from the USB and from the 3.5mm jack. Despite having lights, there is no battery inside of the Artemis so you can’t exactly go walking around with it lit up… unless you plug it to a power bank maybe? Something to try XD. Even the headset has G keys, presets can be stored here apart from other multimedia functions. And it has a very sleek mic that tucks away into the side so you can use it as a headset when you need to while retaining the stylishness whenever you only want to listen! There are no compromises… Artemis is a 7.1 surround system, you wouldn’t need to second guess where a sound is coming from especially useful for FPS gaming. The Artemis Spectrum G633 retails for Php7,900.

All of the launched items should be available at your nearest gaming retailer, so if you’re just beginning to build up your gaming arsenal, Logitech G is something completely worth serious consideration.

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